As a professional manufacturer of power conversion equipment, Pandeng not only offers premium voltage regulator, dry type transformer, and lighting energy saver but also provides first-class services.

1. In the pre-sales stage, we can provide a prototype at cost price according to customer demands. However, customers should bear transport costs and unpredictable costs.

2. All the power conversion equipment Pandeng sells enjoy a warranty period of 1 year and free maintenance device is available within China.

3. We can provide on-site installation, training and other services which are agreed beforehand.

4. OEM services is available.

Main Products
  • Single Phase Electronic Voltage Regulator Our electronic voltage regulator supports contactless automatic compensation. It is characterized by high load capacity, high work efficiency, small waveform distortion, fast response, and low noise.
  • Three Phase Electronic Voltage Regulator Designed with reliability and ease of use in mind, our three phase electronic voltage regulator ensures that the electrical equipment in the system can work stably at the rated voltage. Thanks to the advanced compensation technology adopted, our voltage stabilizer has high performance.