• Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer The DBW5 single phase servo voltage stabilizer is able to stabilize the output voltage in case of voltage fluctuations, so that various types of electrical equipment in the system can work normally at rated voltage.
  • Three Phase Industrial Voltage Stabilizer Our three phase industrial voltage stabilizer supports the input voltage of 304 to 456 V and outputs 380 V with the error of ±3% for some large machines. Its efficiency is up to 98% and response time is 0.5 s/V.
  • Single Phase Electronic Voltage Regulator Our electronic voltage regulator supports contactless automatic compensation. It is characterized by high load capacity, high work efficiency, small waveform distortion, fast response, and low noise.
  • Three Phase Electronic Voltage Regulator Designed with reliability and ease of use in mind, our three phase electronic voltage regulator ensures that the electrical equipment in the system can work stably at the rated voltage. Thanks to the advanced compensation technology adopted, our voltage stabilizer has high performance.
  • Induction Voltage RegulatorThe AC voltage stabilizer has been in Chinese market for over 20 years. The main circuit structure of the product develops over years from the originally mechanical carbon brush type to the current contactless compensation type. As a high-tech company in Shanghai, Pandeng is a professional power supply protector manufacturer. Since 1990 when we established, we have become a leading company with remarkable achievements and good reputation in this industry.
  • SBW5T Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Our adjustable regulated power supply can fully meet the demand for regulating output voltage value within a large scope, offering stable alternating voltage in compliance with definite value for the inspected product.
  • Single Phase Dry Type Transformer Commonly used in the industrial areas, the single phase dry type transformer not only has the function of voltage transformation but also supports filtering and lightning protection. It functions well as an industrial power transformer.
  • Three Phase Isolation Transformer With the working voltage higher than that of the single phase product, the three phase isolation transformer is more suitable for the circuit or machine which needs high voltage.
  • Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet The single phase energy saver control cabinet can maintain the voltage at a value set by the users, thus realizing stable energy-saving effect. Made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the cabinet housing has strong shock resistance and its protection class reaches IP54, thus being able to protect the voltage stabilizer and other components in the cabinet against dust and water.
  • Three Phase Energy Saving Cabinet With the housing made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the three phase energy saving cabinet has a high compressive strength and is thus able to protect the electronic voltage regulator and other components inside of it.

Pandeng, a power conversion device manufacturer in China, provides customers with high quality voltage regulator, dry type transformer, and lighting energy saver.

Electronic Voltage Regulator
In the past, most of the voltage stabilizers in the market are mechanical carbon brush type which has many disadvantages and problems such as short service life, slow response speed, small brush contact surface which will affect the output current, as well as regular maintenance and replacement of carbon brush which wears quickly. Therefore, electronic voltage regulator, with higher working reliability, becomes an inevitable choice for most users.

Pandeng voltage stabilizer has reached the international advanced level. It boasts no mechanical operation, no noise, no carbon brush contact, no instant power-off, adjustable three phase, quick response speed, lightning surge protection and all other protection functions, stable and reliable operation, as well as freedom from maintenance. Its capacity has already reached 2000KVA with a compensation range of ± 50%.

Our voltage regulator is widely used in mobile communication transmitter, medical precision instrument, elevator, radio and television transmitter, UPS machine, CNC machine tool, printing machine and welding machine.

Three Types of Main Circuit of Electronic Voltage Regulator
1. Self coupling and compensation type

By controlling the on and off of bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier, this type of main circuit can change the autotransformer tap, thereby changing the compensation voltage and polarity of compensation transformer and achieving stable output voltage. In this type of circuit, silicon controlled rectifier is used as an electronic switch which produces no harmonic effect. Thanks to its shift protection technology, silicon controlled rectifier module, which is the key part of Pandeng voltage stabilizer, is not easily damaged in the long-term use.

2. Self coupling type

This type can directly change the transformation ratio of the autotransformer to achieve stable output voltage by controlling on-off of bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier. However, the silicon controlled rectifier is easily damaged by the transients and fluctuations of load current because the silicon controlled rectifier is directly connected in series in the main circuit and all load current flows past the silicon controlled rectifier. Also, long-term large current will generate a great deal of heat which will make the SCR work in poor conditions, thus reducing its performance and reliability.

In addition, using this type of circuit to make high-capacity voltage stabilizer requires silicon controlled rectifier of high capacity. This causes great difficulties during determination of margin coefficient and thermal design of silicon controlled rectifier, leading to worse reliability.

3. Pure compensation type

By controlling on-off of bidirectional silicon controlled rectifier, the structure controls the switching on and off as well as the polarity change of compensation transformers to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the output voltage. Nevertheless, the silicon controlled rectifier is directly connected between the phase line and zero line (220V) in the form of bridge arm, so the working voltage is high and large surge current is produced when shifting. It will easily damage the silicon controlled rectifier. Also, this type of circuit is very easy to cause short circuit between the phase line and zero line when the SCR turns on mistakenly. This will burn the silicon controlled rectifier instantaneously.