Our products, voltage regulator, dry type transformer, and lighting energy saver, have been adopted by numerous clients at home and abroad in a lot of fields. The following gives some examples.

Domestic and foreign well-known cases:
1. Shanghai World Expo Performing Arts Center
2. Beijing Olympic Center
3. Shanghai Airport Co., Ltd.
4. Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd.
5. Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd.
6. Beijing MTR Co., Ltd.
7. China Mobile Group Co., Ltd.
8. China Telecom Group Co., Ltd.
9. China CNR Co., Ltd.
10. Changchun Eurasia Group Co., Ltd.
11. China International Marine Containers Co., Ltd.
12. Dalian Port group
13. NARI Technology Development Co., Ltd.
14. China National Petroleum Co., Ltd.
15. Shanghai Stock Exchange Building
16. Shanghai Electric Group
17. Shanghai-Hongkong Co., Ltd.
18. Tobacco Industry Group
19. Zhujiang Iron and Steel Group
20. Baosteel Group
21. Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group
22. Capital Iron and Steel Steel Group
23. Hebei Iron and Steel Group
24. Baotou Iron and Steel Group
25. Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group
26. China National Chemical Corporation
27. KSEC Group
28. Jiangnan Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd.
29. Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd.
30. Shandong Weihai Triangle Tire Co., Ltd.
31. North Canton Technology Co., Ltd.
32. Hong Kong Star Printing Group

33. Taiwan Hung Hing Packaging Group
34. Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd.
35. Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd.
36. Guangzhou Wanglaoji Co., Ltd.
37. Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.
38. Putian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
39. Zhongwang Aluminum Group Co., Ltd.
40. Delixi Group Co., Ltd.
41. Chint Group
42. Affiliated Hospital of Fudan University
43. Affiliated Hospital of Jiaoda University
44. Beijing Union Medical College Hospital
45. ABB (China) Co., Ltd. of China
46. Schneider Electric Investment Co., Ltd. of China
47. ZF Co., Ltd. of China
48. Siemens Co., Ltd. of China
49. Seif Lai Coating Equipment Co., Ltd.
50. Alcatel Investment Co., Ltd. of China
51. General Electric Co., Ltd. of China
52. Atotech Chemical Co., Ltd. of China
53. Shanghai Zander Co., Ltd.
54. Motorola Co., Ltd. of China
55. Shanghai John Mary Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
56. BASF Co., Ltd. of China
57. Shell Co., Ltd. of China
58. Reconstruction projects in Ethiopia
59. Turkey Telekom
60. India Durgapur Coal Plants
61. India Sa Jiadi Coal-fired Power Plants
62. Takagishi power plant in Vietnam
63. Sudan National Power Plant

Main Products
  • Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet The single phase energy saver control cabinet can maintain the voltage at a value set by the users, thus realizing stable energy-saving effect. Made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the cabinet housing has strong shock resistance and its protection class reaches IP54, thus being able to protect the voltage stabilizer and other components in the cabinet against dust and water.
  • Three Phase Energy Saving Cabinet With the housing made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the three phase energy saving cabinet has a high compressive strength and is thus able to protect the electronic voltage regulator and other components inside of it.