Pandeng 1500KVA Dedicated Voltage Regulator in Expo Performance Center
In mid-March 2009, Shanghai Pandeng Power Supply Co., Ltd., which had professional and technical advantages, won the bid finally in the fierce competition to be the only regulator supplier for the 2 1500KVA power supply regulator in the Shanghai World Expo Performance Arts Center. Our company had a wide range of communications with the field units to make sure the power supply system is safe and reliable. Facing so many problems, such as large current and short design time, we adopted the latest technology to design the dedicated voltage regulator.

In order to meet space requirements and install the regulator in the identified space, we changed the regulator's internal structure narrowing the outer enclosure size from general 5400 mm × 1200 mm × 2200 mm to 3800 mm × 1000 mm × 2200 mm. Then we adopted 3 open doors in front of the main cabinet, 2 open doors in front of the vice cabinet and 4 open doors behind the main and vice cabinets to allow easy operation and maintenance. Furthermore, we used the best silicon steel sheet and increased capacity for compensation transformer in the manufacturing without considering cost, thus reliably solving the problem of irregular harmonic.

In terms of solving the problem that inter-turn voltage of voltage transformer should not exceed 1 V, our company adopted special "multi-stage shift and winding method" technology to solve it successfully which lowered the temperature and reduced the copper loss. Also, for the sake of lowering the high temperature generated from high current of voltage regulating transformer, we used 4 cylinder coaxial pressure regulating method and effectively decompose the large current which reduced temperature and volume. By 4-hour full load test under 2280 A, temperature rise was only 23 ℃. Therefore, the special process successfully solved the heating problem generated by large current.

In addition, we adopted the special "multi-stage double magnetic circuit compensation technology" to reduce the size of the compensation transformer, thus solving the magnetic flux leakage and loss issues of the balance reactor. Also, temperature rise caused by high current was resolved. Through 4-hour full load test under 2280 A, temperature rise was only 22 ℃ which was completely beyond the compensation transformer technical requirements.

Extraordinary GGDZ Lighting Energy Saver with Stepless Voltage Regulation Technology
Nowadays, about 20% to 35% electricity charge is wasted. This has various reasons. In the power supply system, electricity is often transmitted at a high voltage which is beyond the rated voltage of electrical equipment, thus leading to high operating temperature and energy consumption. Also, unbalanced distribution of electricity load in three-phase would cause high reactive power. Then the electric circuit has a large number of perceptual loads and the system power factor is low, thus increasing line loss. In addition, due to internal and external environmental impact, there are harmonics in the system, making the equipment overheating and increasing energy consumption.

Pandeng GGDZ lighting energy saver consists of compensation transformer, regulating transformer, voltage control mechanism, main circuit, control circuit and time control circuit. It adopts adjustable three-phase and stepless voltage regulation technology. It can output stable voltage for the lighting according to the actual situation of electricity peak and trough, and comes with functions of increasing power factor, harmonic filtering and lightning surge protection. In addition, the product can optimize the electric energy quality so as to prolong the service life of lamps and save electricity.

Thanks to its voltage stabilization function, GGDZ lighting energy saver will always automatically output a stable voltage which is optimized by compensation transformer and regulating transformer. It starts the lamp through 10 minutes of preheating with a starting voltage of 220V to 230V. Then it automatically adjusts to the 210V-200V optimum operating voltage according to the road lighting needs (the user can arbitrarily set the output voltage), thus saving energy and prolonging life of lamps.

The product can adjust the voltage at a speed of 30 V per minute due to its stepless voltage regulation technology, so no impulse voltage will be produced on the lamps and the end lamps will not flicker or go out. Furthermore, it can prolong the service life of lamps by more than 2 times which greatly reduces maintenance cost of the lighting system. In specific, the energy saving rate is more than 25%. In addition, GGDZ lighting power saving cabinet has automatic and manual bypass function, and there is no impact on lighting when switching.

Our lighting energy saver is different from voltage transformer and voltage regulator. Voltage transformer can change one voltage into another fixed voltage but it has no voltage stabilizing function while voltage regulator can output a standard voltage according to the power fluctuation. GGDZ lighting power saving cabinet has voltage stabilizing and transforming functions. It can constantly analyze lighting load and realize the optimization of intelligent control through control circuit and time control circuit.

Electronic Voltage Regulator Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Dry type transformer GGDZ Lighting Energy Saver
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