Reliable Voltage Stabilizer Expert
For more than two decades, PANDENG has been a reliable expert in the field of regulated power supply. People who understand the power supply industry know that PANDENG represents a reliable product quality and timely delivery. Especially after launching non-contact voltage regulator, PANDENG has become the leader in the industry.

A Promising Company in Voltage Regulator Industry
Mr. Pan Shengli has devoted his whole life to the success of PANDENG. The managerial personnel of PANDENG has grown up with the company together. Our company is committed to developing and producing regulated power supply, lighting energy saver, transformer, filter, and lightning surge protective device. Our products have been imitated, but have not been surpassed. It is attributed to Mr. Pan Shengli as an expert and a leader in the voltage regulator industry, his extraordinary insight and firm belief ensure that PANDENG has the best forward-looking.

Based in China, Serving the World
PANDENG as a leader in Chinese regulated power supply industry, it has a higher market share in the China, a large number of products of which have been exported to Britain, Russia, South Africa, New Zealand, Turkey, Burma, India, other Southeast Asian countries and regions.

One Stop Service
PANDENG specializes in the research and development, design, and production of voltage stabilizer. It also provides product custom and product re-development services. Only needs 3 weeks, quality and reliable products will be delivered to our customer.

Stable and Sustainable Development
Our company has office in the center of Shanghai (located in Putuo District, Shanghai) and the standard industrial plant (located in Songjiang District, Shanghai). PANDENG is the Shanghai high-tech enterprise, and one of the national standard enterprises to develop non-contact voltage regulator and lightning surge protector. Our company is also one of Shanghai contract and keeping promises enterprises.

The company revenue has maintained a steady growth for several years, employee income also increases with the increase in sales of the company. The stability of staff is one of the factors of product quality and process stability and reliability.

Main Products
  • Single Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer The DBW5 single phase servo voltage stabilizer is able to stabilize the output voltage in case of voltage fluctuations, so that various types of electrical equipment in the system can work normally at rated voltage.
  • Three Phase Industrial Voltage Stabilizer Our three phase industrial voltage stabilizer supports the input voltage of 304 to 456 V and outputs 380 V with the error of ±3% for some large machines. Its efficiency is up to 98% and response time is 0.5 s/V.