Lighting Energy Saver

Lighting Energy Saver

Want to stabilize the voltage for lights and save electricity? Choose a lighting energy saver. This equipment can output a stable voltage, which is preset by users, for lamps. It protects the lamps from voltage fluctuation in the power grid and saves energy according to the actual lighting load.

GGDZ-T lighting energy saver consists of compensation transformer, regulating transformer, sampling circuit, main control circuit, voltage regulation control circuit, time control circuit and protection circuit. According to the lighting load characteristics and actual grid voltage, this power saving device samples and regulates the voltage phase by phase.

Our lighting energy saver is designed with multiple protection functions, including overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, phase loss protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, automatic bypass, etc. Also, due to the adoption of a time control device, our energy saving cabinet can make corresponding adjustments according to site lighting requirements, thus running at optimum power-saving state.

Technical Parameters
Input voltage range190V-260V
Output voltage range190V-220V
Voltage stabilizing precision±1-2%
Insulation resistance>2MΩ
Maximum allowed temperature rise80℃
Chassis plate2mm cold-rolled plate
Voltage strength resistance2000V1min
Protection gradeIP54
Energy-saving rate>25%
Connection modeSeries connection
Serviceable life15 years
Output waveformSinusoidal wave

Now many kinds of lighting savers in the market do not have the function of voltage stabilization. They just simply lower the supply voltage for the lamp. This obviously has drawbacks. When the grid voltage fluctuates slightly, the power saver increases its output voltage, making the lamp fail to save energy, or lowers its output voltage, which makes the lamp easy to automatically extinguish. Therefore, voltage stabilization function is necessary for lighting energy savers.

Our GGDZ-T lighting energy saver has excellent voltage regulation function. It can intelligently regulate power supply and offer a stable and energy saving voltage which will not affect the lighting effect according to the fluctuations of grid voltage and the properties of lighting load. The user can set the output voltage and program for supply method and running time of lighting load, thus minimizing the power consumption of lighting.

Six Major Advantages
1. Stable voltage and energy saving

The output voltage of GGDZ-T lighting energy saver can be always stabilized in the user's settings whether the grid voltage is in the peaks or troughs, thus having obvious energy-saving effect. The energy-saving rate is more than 25% and the service life is at least 15 years, so customers can enjoy long-term benefit from an investment.

2. Soft start preheating
When a lighting is lit, the power saving cabinet outputs slow ramp voltage of 195V to 220V. This not only contributes to the starting of gas discharge lamp but also protects the lamp from the impact of high voltage. After about ten minutes (the time is adjustable), the output voltage is automatically converted to the values set by users.

3. Stepless voltage regulation
During the conversion process of output voltage, the lighting energy saver adjusts the voltage at a speed of 30V per minute, with the accuracy of ± 1 to 2%. No transient surge or current impact will generate in this process. Hence, this stepless voltage regulation mode can prevent the lamp from being damaged by voltage fluctuation and greatly improve the service life of the lamp.

4. Intelligent control
Users can set up their own energy saving voltage and program for voltage and running time of lighting load according to their needs.

5. Voltage compensation technology
Our product is composed of a number of compensation transformers and adopts split-phase and step voltage compensation technology, thus greatly saving transformer material, reducing loss of the energy saving cabinet, and enjoying greater capacity and wider regulating range.

6. Reduced maintenance costs
Since the operating temperature of the lighting is reduced and harmonics and transients are eliminated, the service life of the lighting is prolonged by at least 2 times. This greatly lowers the maintenance cost.

7. Safe and stable operation
The power saving cabinet enables the lighting system to start and operate normally without flicker or flash. It outputs complete sine wave and causes no harmonic pollution to the power grid. Thanks to the automatic and manual bypass feature, once failure occurs, the product can automatically switch to the mains supply.

1. Stepless voltage regulation
2. Optimal voltage can be supplied in periods and users can set 4 periods.
3. The lighting energy saver can provide working voltage to meet the starting requirements of high-pressure gas discharge lamp.
4. The product regulates voltage slowly, and it can work continuously and not be powered off.
5. It provides high quality power and causes no pollution to the electric network.
6. Our product is resistant to high current impact and it can prolong the service life of lamps.
7. The lighting energy saver can switch to bypass automatically or manually.
8. Separate control of midnight light and all-night light can be realized.
9. Our product can be equipped with power factor correction device, surge protector and remote monitoring system.

1. Astronomical clock function (optional)
Our lighting energy saver can calculate the daily sunrise and sunset time and control the switch of lamps according to the latitude of installation site, thus avoiding the trouble of repeatedly adjusting the lamp switch time induced by seasonal variation.
2. Midnight lamp output (optional)
The product can add one-way controllable output for road midnight light loops.
3. Reactive power compensation function (optional)
The power saving cabinet can be equipped with reactive power compensation function and the compensation value can be defined by users according to the actual load situation.
4. Communication interface

As a professional lighting energy saver manufacturer in China, our company offers a broad range of products that includes single phase energy saver control cabinet, three phase isolation transformer, three phase industrial voltage stabilizer, among others.

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