Three Phase Energy Saving Cabinet

Three Phase Energy Saving Cabinet

With the housing made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the three phase energy saving cabinet has a high compressive strength and is thus able to protect the electronic voltage regulator and other components inside of it. The outer surface of the steel sheet has been subjected to electroplating so that our power saving cabinet has smooth and beautiful appearance with certain gloss.

Our energy saving cabinet is designed with short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, and undervoltage protection functions. It can automatically switch to the bypass state when the output voltage exceeds the set value by ±10% so as to ensure safety.

The three phase energy saving cabinet has higher rated capacity than the single phase product. It is available in several models, among which GGDZ-3800 has the highest rated capacity. GGDZ-3800 adopts double cabinets and weighs 3020 kg. With the rated current and rated capacity of 1216 A and 800 KVA respectively, this voltage stabilizing equipment can be applied in the stadiums, medium and large malls, shopping centers, as well as many other areas.

Technical Parameters
Model Rated capacity(KVA) Rated current (A) Size (width* thickness* height mm) Weight (kg)
GGDZ-3010 10 15 990*890*1350 170
GGDZ-3020 20 30
GGDZ-3030 30 46
GGDZ-3050 50 78 1100*950*1600 300
GGDZ-3075 75 114 460
GGDZ-3100 100 152 470
GGDZ-3150 150 228 1200*1380*1900 700
GGDZ-3180 180 273 780
GGDZ-3225 225 342 1000
GGDZ-3250 250 380 1260*1060*2050 1020
GGDZ-3300 300 456 1280
GGDZ-3350 350 532
GGDZ-3400 400 608 1580
GGDZ-3450 450 684 1560*1160*2250
GGDZ-3500 500 760
GGDZ-3550 550 836 1850
GGDZ-3600 600 912
GGDZ-3750 750 1140 Double cabinets 3020
GGDZ-3800 800 1216

As a China-based three phase energy saving cabinet manufacturer and supplier, we provide not only lighting energy saver, but also automatic voltage stabilizer, dry type transformer, electronic voltage regulator, and more.

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Other Products
  • Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet The single phase energy saver control cabinet can maintain the voltage at a value set by the users, thus realizing stable energy-saving effect. Made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the cabinet housing has strong shock resistance and its protection class reaches IP54, thus being able to protect the voltage stabilizer and other components in the cabinet against dust and water.
  • Three Phase Industrial Voltage Stabilizer Our three phase industrial voltage stabilizer supports the input voltage of 304 to 456 V and outputs 380 V with the error of ±3% for some large machines. Its efficiency is up to 98% and response time is 0.5 s/V.