Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet

Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet

When the power supply voltage is too high, the power consumed by a lamp is increased, which accelerates the loss of the lamp or even damages it. In contrast, the lamp is easy to turn off when the voltage reduces, causing inconvenience to people's lives. These problems can be easily solved by using an energy saving cabinet.

The single phase energy saver control cabinet can maintain the voltage at a value set by the users, thus realizing stable energy-saving effect. Made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the cabinet housing has strong shock resistance and its protection class reaches IP54, thus being able to protect the voltage stabilizer and other components in the cabinet against dust and water.

Our company offers several models of single phase energy saver control cabinet, with the rated capacity ranging from 5KVA to 100KVA. These power saving devices can stabilize the input voltage, 190V to 260V, at a fixed value between 190V and 220V.

Technical Parameters
Model Rated capacity(KVA) Rated current (A) Size (width* thickness* height mm) Weight (kg)
GGDZ-1005 5 23 410*560*850 50
GGDZ-1010 10 45 80
GGDZ-1015 15 68 120
GGDZ-1020 20 91 150
GGDZ-1030 30 136 560*660*1150 250
GGDZ-1040 40 182 250
GGDZ-1050 50 227 300
GGDZ-1060 60 272 350
GGDZ-1080 80 363750*600*1520420
GGDZ-1100 100 454750*600*1520480

Shanghai Pandeng is a specialized single phase energy saver control cabinet manufacturer based in China. We also supply three phase energy saving cabinet, single phase servo voltage stabilizer, three phase isolation transformer, and more.

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