SBW5T Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

SBW5T Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

The SBW5T adjustable regulated power supply is developed by our company through the cooperation with China General Machinery Research Institute (previously named as Hefei General Machinery Research Institute), a famous scientific research institute engaged in developing, manufacturing , supervising and inspecting refrigerating equipment.

In refrigeration and electric appliance industry, energy efficiency inspection is frequently carried out to satisfy the increasingly strict requirement for energy saving and emission reduction. Our adjustable regulated power supply can fully meet the demand for regulating output voltage value within a large scope, offering stable alternating voltage in compliance with definite value for the inspected product. Therefore, loss generated under different voltages can be exactly measured.

Famous Partners
1. We successfully set up cooperation relationship with American TRANE, the internationally famous air condition supplier. Our adjustable power supply is applied in their testing center. During six years’ employment, they find the functional parameters of our product are superior to that from other suppliers. Currently, the company is replacing the existing machines with our adjustable regulated power supply.

2. Gree Electric Appliance INC., the Top 100 Listed Company in 2013, uses our equipment in their product inspection center, including 3 sets of 2000KVA series, one set of 1400KVA series, and one set of 1000KVA series. Our products fully meet their testing demand for refrigeration equipment.

By virtue of the outstanding performance, our voltage regulator obtains the recognition from China General Machinery Research Institute, and is highly recommended.

Circuit Configuration and Working Principle
The adjustable regulated power supply is consisted of compensating voltage regulation circuit, control circuit, sampling circuit, and output control circuit, the first three devices of which compose the self-compensating voltage regulating system.

1. Uin
2. Compensating voltage regulation circuit
3. Sampling circuit
4. Control circuit
5. Output control circuit
6. Uout

Fig. 1 Functional Block Diagram

The compensating voltage regulation system is the main circuit for the adjustable regulated power supply, comprised of compensating transformer TB and contact voltage regulator TT with dynamo and transmission mechanism. The working principle for self-compensating voltage regulating system is shown below.

Fig. 2 Working Principle Diagram

Impedance voltage drop of non-compensating transformer: Uout=Uin±△U
Uin---Input phase voltage
Uout---Output phase voltage
△U---Single phase compensating voltage

In case change on Uin or load leads to the variation of Uout, sampling shall be conducted from the output end. Upon the comparison between sampled signal and reference voltage, the control circuit sends out control signal to the motor on the contact voltage regulator, actuating reciprocating operation of the carbon brush on the regulator surface. The compensating voltage can be changed through the adjustment on the output voltage of the contact type voltage regulator, automatically improving the stability of the output voltage.

Technical Parameters of Adjustable Regulated Power Supply
Input Voltage 1. 380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz 2. 220V/127V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output Phase Voltage 1. Input voltage 380V/220V: 220V±20%, adjustable 2. Input voltage 220V/127V: 127V±20%, adjustable
Output Accuracy 1. Operation with stabilized voltage: ≤±1.5% 2. Operation with manually controlled voltage regulation: ≤±1%
Rated Capacity 80-4000KVA
Efficiency ≥ 98%
Output Voltage Regulating Mode Automatic regulation, manual regulation, on-site regulation, and remote regulation.
Insulation Resistance ≥2MΩ
Compression Strength 2000V/min
Service Life 15 years

Unique Technologies
1. Multi coil shifting and winding
Generally, the interturn voltage of the voltage regulating transformer shall be no more than 1V. However, leakage inductance increase and voltage drop shall be caused by overlong coil. To solve this technical problem, our company adopts multi coil shifting and winding mode, decreasing the copper loss of the transformer, and reducing the temperature rise of the coil and the carbon brush.

2. Multilevel compensating voltage regulation
For high-power adjustable regulated power supply, heavy current will be generated if the quantity of the capacity level for compensating transformer is small. More seriously, the carbon brush may be damaged under the circumstance the temperature rise of transformer coil exceeds the permissible value.

Our multilevel compensating voltage regulation technology disintegrates the heavy current. The temperature rise of the coil, which can fully meet the strict requirement in foreign countries, is effectively controlled, resulting in the prolonged service life of our adjustable voltage regulator.

3. First class oxygen-free copper coil
Copper loss is a knotty problem for the coil of transformer. To reduce the copper loss and heat emission, we adopt superior oxygen-free copper coil as the material for the transformer of adjustable regulated power supply.

4. Double speed motor voltage regulation
To stabilize and regulate the output voltage, we employ customized double speed motor in our voltage regulating control circuit. The voltage can be controlled manually or automatically. Accurate manual regulation can be obtained by the use of the 1V/gear design.

Multiple Output Voltage Regulating Modes
We utilize certain special designs for the control circuit to achieve on-site regulation, remote regulation, automatic regulation, and manual regulation on the adjustable regulated power supply.
1. For automatic voltage stabilization, the output voltage can be set up manually.
2. During manual voltage regulation, the output voltage can be increased or decreased at will.
3. Remote control on voltage stabilizer
4. Automatic gear shift for output voltage. Based on customers’ requirement, timed automatic gear shift will output the preset voltage.

Automatic Output Gear Shift (Fig. 3)
1. From rated voltage to 115% of rated voltage, maintaining 1 minute.
2. From 115% of rated voltage to rated voltage, maintaining 1 minute
3. From rated voltage to 75% of rated voltage, maintaining 1 minute
4. From 75% of rated voltage to rated voltage, maintaining 1 minute
5. The said procedures shall be circulated 3 times.
6. The set value of the output voltage and the maintaining time for each procedure can be altered through programming.

1. Rated voltage
2. 115% of rated voltage
3. 75% of rated voltage
4. Procedures between two yellow lines circulate three times.
5. One minute

Fig. 3 Diagram for Automatic Output Gear Shift

Main Circuit Comparison
Currently, there are certain kinds of adjustable regulated power supply existed in the market. The distinction is the main circuit structure, which decides the performance index and the operation simplification. Here is the comparison between our equipment and the product of other brands.

1. Our Main Circuit Structure and Advantages
As shown in Fig. 4, the main circuit of our power supply regulating equipment is consisted of compensating transformer TB and voltage regulating transformer TT. In additional to outstanding stability, the output voltage can be regulated within a wide range.

1). Consisted of TB and TT, the main circuit is designed in simple structure, greatly reducing the operation loss.
2). The operation reliability, maintenance simplification, and product volume are perfectly improved.
3). Within regulating range, the carbon brush operates regularly in different sections, avoiding the partial coil aging caused by frequent employment.

Fig. 4 Main Circuit of SBW5T Adjustable Regulated Power Supply

2. Main Circuit and Disadvantage of Other Products
Generally, the main circuit for the product from other suppliers is composed of variac TT, and TW1 and TW2 standard voltage stabilizer (Shown in Fig. 5). The disadvantages are listed below.

1). Large-volume TT
2). The big magnetic flux leakage and impedance of TT result in serious line loss and much heat emission of coil and carbon brush.
3). Since the impedance of TT variac is large, strong starting current will generate big voltage drop on TT, as well as the voltage drop on the stabilizer. Under this circumstance, the loading equipment is unable to operate.
4). Generally, voltage fluctuation range in laboratory is not wide. So, the carbon brush will operate on several fixed coils with big current for long time, which will seriously shortens the service life of the industrial regulated power supply. These coils will be severely aged, or even burnt out.

Fig. 5 Main Circuit of Other Brand

3. More Main Circuit and Disadvantage from Other Suppler
Here is another main circuit from other suppliers. As shown in Fig. 6, the main circuit for the adjustable regulated power supply has standard voltage stabilizer (TW and T), and voltage regulator (TT and T).

1). Two compensating transformers TW and TT are required, which leads to the increase in operation loss.
2). Only manual control on voltage regulator is available. So, it is difficult to control the output voltage accurately due to the inconvenient operation.
3). The voltage regulating transformer T gets aged or overburned easily, shortening the product service life.

Fig. 6 Main Circuit from Other Supplier

As mentioned above, the main circuit of our adjustable regulated power supply is simpler than that of others. The voltage stabilization and regulation are achieved through compensating transformer TB and regulating transformer TT. Our product is quite popular by virtue of the improvement in operating reliability, maintenance simplicity and product volume.

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