Three Phase Isolation Transformer

Three Phase Isolation Transformer

With isolated primary and secondary windings, the three phase isolation transformer is able to isolate the power input from the power output. We design dry type isolation transformer to meet you custom requirements. Voltage level, insulation class, tap position, winding capacity allocation, and other configuration can all be made according to your requirements.

The three phase isolation transformer can completely isolate the electrical equipment on one side of it from that on the other side. Thanks to the large high-frequency loss of the iron core, it can prevent high-frequency clutter entering the control loop. The secondary of our power transformer is not connected with the earth, so there is no voltage between any two lines and the earth, thus ensuring no risk of electric shock even in case of contact.

With the working voltage higher than that of the single phase product, the three phase isolation transformer is more suitable for the circuit or machine which needs high voltage.

Our three phase isolation transformer is available in a number of models, such as SG-6, SG-150, SG-600, etc. SG-8 is 530 mm × 350 mm × 580 mm in size, 75 kg in weight and 8 KVA in electric capacity. It is convenient to move and install. SG-600, 1500 mm × 850 mm × 1500 mm in size and 1320 kg in weight, is suitable to be installed in a relatively fixed position. Customers can choose appropriate 3 phase transformer according to their own needs.

Technical Parameters
Model Capacity (KVA) Size(width* thickness* height mm) Weight (kg)
SG-6 6 530*350*580 56
SG-8 8 68
SG-10 10 75
SG-12 12 86
SG-15 15 600*350*650 115
SG-20 20 146
SG-25 25 178
SG-30 30 700*400*750 196
SG-35 35 210
SG-40 40 220
SG-45 45 240
SG-50 50 320
SG-60 60 800*500*850 350
SG-70 70 368
SG-80 80 1000*550*1000 410
SG-90 90 430
SG-100 100 480
SG-110 110 520
SG-120 120 1100*600*1100 520
SG-130 130 550
SG-150 150 630
SG-160 160 650
SG-180 180 1300*700*1300 720
SG-200 200 740
SG-250 250 850
SG-320 320 1500*850*1500 960
SG-350 350 980
SG-400 400 1040
SG-500 500 1200
SG-600 600 1320
Our company is an experienced three phase isolation transformer manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a wide array of products, including dry type transformer, automatic voltage stabilizer, electronic voltage regulator, and more.
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