Single Phase Dry Type Transformer

Single Phase Dry Type Transformer

Requiring no liquids for cooling, the single phase dry type transformer minimizes pollution and fire risks, and it is almost maintenance-free. This power converter can be located close to the electrical load, so wiring cost is reduced.

Commonly used in the industrial areas, the single phase dry type transformer not only has the function of voltage transformation but also supports filtering and lightning protection. It functions well as an industrial power transformer.

The iron core of our air cooled transformer is made of silicon steel sheet with high magnetic flux. The adoption of silicon steel sheet can reduce eddy current and loss. A variety of wire materials with insulation wire cladding are chosen. They have good conductivity, high heat resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

Our single phase dry type transformer is available in DG6, DG8, DG15, DG600, and many other models. The number in the model represents the corresponding capacity, ranging from 6KVA to 600KVA, thus meeting the demand of various circuits or machines.

Technical Parameters
Model Capacity (KVA) Size(width* thickness* height mm) Weight (kg)
DG-6 6 530*350*580 62
DG-8 8 75
DG-10 10 83
DG-12 12 95
DG-15 15 600*350*650 126
DG-20 20 160
DG-25 25 196
DG-30 30 650*400*750 216
DG-35 35 230
DG-40 40 240
DG-45 45 260
DG-50 50 352
DG-60 60 700*500*850 385
DG-70 70 400
DG-80 80 800*550*1100 450
DG-90 90 470
DG-100 100 520
DG-110 110 570
DG-120 120 1000*650*1100 570
DG-130 130 600
DG-150 150 690
DG-160 160 710
DG-180 180 1100*750*1300 790
DG-200 200 810
DG-250 250 930
DG-320 320 1300*900*1500 1050
DG-350 350 1070
DG-400 400 1140
DG-500 500 1320
DG-600 600 1450
We are a professional single phase dry type transformer manufacturer, based in China. In addition to dry type transformer, we also offer lighting energy saver, electronic voltage regulator, automatic voltage stabilizer, and more.
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Other Products
  • Three Phase Isolation Transformer With the working voltage higher than that of the single phase product, the three phase isolation transformer is more suitable for the circuit or machine which needs high voltage.
  • Single Phase Energy Saver Control Cabinet The single phase energy saver control cabinet can maintain the voltage at a value set by the users, thus realizing stable energy-saving effect. Made of cold rolled steel sheet with the thickness of 2mm, the cabinet housing has strong shock resistance and its protection class reaches IP54, thus being able to protect the voltage stabilizer and other components in the cabinet against dust and water.