Electronic Voltage Regulator

Electronic Voltage Regulator

Available in single-phase and three-phase types, the electronic voltage regulator can provide the output voltage of 220 V and 380 V respectively, thus meeting the voltage requirements of different electrical equipment.

1. This power conversion equipment has a simple structure, with no motor, chain or gear. Its mechanical fault is zero, so it is maintenance-free for a long time.

2. The main circuit, which adopts a number of compensation transformers, achieves voltage stabilizing by contactless switch of thyristors. This completely avoids the troubles like frequent maintenance of carbon brush and high frequency interference caused by sparks produced by brush contact. Therefore, our electronic voltage regulator has long service life and the MTBF is more than 100,000 hours.

3. Possessing all power supply protection functions, our voltage stabilizer is stable and reliable. Its output waveform has no distortion or harmonic increment and its efficiency is more than 98%.

4. The rated capacity is 3 to 100 KVA for single phase voltage regulator and 10 to 2000 KVA for three phase voltage stabilizer. The response time is less than 100ms and the regulation accuracy is around ±3%. Commonly used compensation range is ±20%, but we can also provide power conditioners with the compensation range of ±30%, ±40%, or ±50%


1.Bypass Circuit
2.Compensation Circuit
3.Output Control
4.Input Sampling
5.Voltage Regulator Circuit
6.Output Sampling
7.Control Circuit
8.Protection Circuit

The electronic voltage regulator consists of compensation circuit, voltage regulating circuit, control circuit, input sampling circuit, output sampling circuit, output control circuit, protection circuit and bypass circuit.

Design Characteristics
1. No contact, no carbon brush, no mechanical operation, and no instant power-off
2. Protection against overvoltage and undervoltage
When the output voltage exceeds the rated value by about ± 10%, the electronic voltage regulator will automatically switch to bypass or cut off the output and send out sound and light alarm.
3. Fast response
4. Voltage regulation without noise
5. Remote monitoring
Remote signaling, remote measurement, and remote control can be achieved through remote monitoring units.
6. Lightning surge protection

Main Functions
Power on mode Automatic power on, manual power on
Over and under voltage protection When the output voltage is 10% greater or lower than the rated value, the voltage regulator will automatically switch to bypass or cut off the output and issue sound and light alarm.
Fault protection When the regulator component fails, the regulator will automatically switch to bypass or cut off the output and send out sound and light alarm.
Phase-lack and phase sequence protection When the three-phase output power is lack of phase or out of phase, the output will be cut off automatically.
Short circuit protection When the regulator has short circuit problem at the output end, the circuit breaker will automatically cut off the input power.
Manual bypass The voltage stabilizer can be manually turned into bypass operation.
Alarm and silencing function When entering the protection state, the regulator can send out audible and visual alarm, and there are alarm and silencing switches for selection.
Lightning surge protection Our voltage stabilizer is equipped with a 40kA protection surge protector. The surge protector with higher capacity or the imported surge protection device can be chosen.
Remote monitoring (optional) A remote monitoring system can be added to monitor the operation of the voltage stabilizer
Power supply filter (optional) Pandeng PD series power filter can be added into the main circuit of the voltage regulator.
The product can be equipped with an isolation transformer and automatic power supply switching device. If customers have special requirements, we can also design and produce products according to their requirements.
Performance Index
Frequency 50/60Hz
Noise < 50 dB
Short time overload capacity 1.5 times
Temperature - 15 ℃ / + 45 ℃
Humidity ≤ 90%
Insulation resistance Input and output insulation resistance ≥ 2MΩ
Temperature rise Transformer winding < 80℃
Insulating strength Input and output AC voltage 2000V/min

Technical Innovation Achievements
1. Electronic compensation type power regulator (Patent number: ZL 01253876.0)
This device has no mechanical part or carbon brush which has high fault rate and requires frequent maintenance. It realizes no contact in the circuit.

2. Regulator main circuit saving transformer capacity (Patent number: ZL 200720069517.1)
We have designed a regulator main circuit which can greatly save transformer capacity, thus reducing nonferrous metal consumption.

3. Phase-lack uninterruptible power device (Patent number: ZL 2008 2 0151882.1)
By adopting the electrical control technology, we have designed an uninterruptible power device which enables the three-phase voltage stabilizing power supply with single-phase load to continue to supply power in case of phase loss.

Our electronic voltage regulator is made up of high quality materials after careful design. It can change the magnitude and polarity of the compensation voltage by controlling the connection and disconnection of several thyristors when the voltage crosses zero in a specific order via integrated circuit.

Our company is a professional electronic voltage regulator manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as single phase electronic voltage regulator, three phase industrial voltage stabilizer, and single phase energy saver control cabinet.

Other Products
  • Single Phase Dry Type Transformer Commonly used in the industrial areas, the single phase dry type transformer not only has the function of voltage transformation but also supports filtering and lightning protection. It functions well as an industrial power transformer.
  • Three Phase Isolation Transformer With the working voltage higher than that of the single phase product, the three phase isolation transformer is more suitable for the circuit or machine which needs high voltage.